Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Project #16

I did a screen recording teaching you how to use Glogster and make an interactive poster. I thought this was a very fun project, Glogster is so easy to use!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog post #14

I was familiar with most of the top ten tips Jose Picardo suggested. I agreed most with what he said about social networks and making closed groups for communication. In my sorority we have a closed Facebook group and it is the best way to communicate with 71 girls. Most people have phones with Internet so they can see immediate posts to a facebook group. People love Facebook so why not use it for education; students will learn to love school even more with social networks. I completely agree that we should make the most of our pupil’s gadgets. We have so much available to us on our cellular phones. Why not take advantage of it? I also think that incorporating music into education is a great idea; I’m just not sure how you would do that and still achieve lesson objectives. I am a huge fan of having a class blog! I never even heard of them till EDM310. I have seen many of them and they seem to be so useful and they truly help parents be involved with their child’s school work! I agree that interactive white boards should be used more effectively. I have talked with a many teachers in Mobile County and the lessons that they teach on their smart board have been very effective, so I don’t that is an issue right now for teachers. I think Mr. Picardo’s top ten tips shows many people how much better education and learning can be with incorporating technology in the classroom.
Technology or books, you decide!

C4K November Summary

My first C4k for this month was to Jack. He is a student who registered for a history class that has a high level of technology use. He talked about how much he loved this class and how great of a reputation the class has. He said he hoped for technology to be more a part of all of his class curriculums! I told him that I thought he did a great post and It was so great to see that one of his classes exceeded it’s expectations! I told him about my classes in high school and how they didn’t compare at all to his.

My second post was to comment on Mrs. Yollis’s class blog. I told the class how impressed I was by their blog! I loved the idea of family blogging and I thought the parents did as well! I know if I were a parent I would appreciate having this! I also thought it was so cute that some of the parents pretended to comment as if they were the kids family pet.
Family blogging codes

I didn’t get to do my last C4k. Dr. Strange has me marked sick for the whole week of Nov. 20th.

PLN final report

At first I thought having a PLN was going to be a hassle because I usually bookmark everything to my tabs on my mac book and I liked it that way. On a mac book you can’t see all of your tabs after you have bookmark so many web sites. With a PLN you can bookmark so much more websites! I really really like it now! It keeps my favorite places much more organized and has made EDM310 easier for me in some ways. It’s great having everything right at my fingertips! I know I will continue to use it after EDM310.
Personal Learning network

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C4T #4 Summary

My first C4T for this month was to Mr. Bernia. He is a Principal at Oakview Middle School. Both posts I read from Mr. Bernia were very impressive. The first post I read was 1 thing we can do. Mr. Bernia discusses what else he can do beyond building relationships with staff, students, and parents. He spoke about the term innovation and the different meanings of it in his post. Mr. Bernia says that innovating should be looking at data, finding the gaps, and finding ways to fix and address them. He says that, “Strong relationships build the trust that serves as the “shell” for real conversations about meaningful data to occur, which will show the gaps for teachers to address with their innovations.” He says that as teachers, we should we doing this. He also posed a question in the end of his blog saying, “Do we collect high quality data, analyze it, and then innovate because of it?”

I commented back by introducing my self and I tried to answer his question with what I thought. I think that teachers do innovate because of the data analyzed. Teachers gather data from co-teachers, administrative staff, and their peers who have experience worth sharing. By sharing our experiences we are able to tweak them, make our ideas better, and address them in a better way.

The 2nd post I read from Mr. Bernia titled 15 days, was impressive and encouraging. He wrote a formal letter to all of his staff to set a positive tone for the last 15 days of school before their long break. He talks about their last 15 days being a marathon not a sprint and that the staff should still be pushing their students especially now since many students will want to slack off. He encourages the staff to push their students, care for them, and appreciate them.

I thought Mr. Bernia’s letter to his staff was great! I told him how I related to the letter since I was a college student and these last few weeks of school are draining and we just want to brush off these final exams to get them over with and be on break. I told him how I wished more professors would encourage us to still do our best before the semester is over rather than having to listen to them complain about how ready they are to be on break too. I thought his letter was a great reminder to his staff as to why they are in that profession and why every day at school counts.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Progress report Final Project #16

I am going to be working with Jessica Sanders and Bethany Fillingim on the final project #16. We have only met a couple of times but we have been discussing and brainstorming numerous ideas such as using the smartboard and integrating two subjects. As of now, we have not quite discovered which two, but plan to do so this week in the lab. We will be meeting hopefully 2-3 times a week to put together our final project.
SMART technologies

Project #14

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

C4K #11 Part 1

Ms. Yollis’ Classroom Blog is very organized and detailed! At the very top of the blog there are links to help guide you around it. They have a blog archive with links to each month. Each month has links under them to click on and see what the class was doing for that month. The main body of the blog lists information by earliest date. The first post talks about how the class raised money for UNICEF. Their goal was $25 but they raised over $200. Each post has multiple pictures for viewing. If you click on the pictures, you will be taken to a new page to view and skim through all of the pictures for that particular blog post.

A big event going on for Ms. Yollis’ class is Family Blogging for the month of November! Parents like the idea because they feel connected to what’s going on in their child’s classroom. Some parents even posted comments to their kids pretending to be their family pet. So cute! All of the kids and Ms. Yollis have been participating a great deal in posting comments back to family members responses.

The class has been able to talk with students around the United States. The class talked with another class in Georgia. The two classes Skyped and the class from Georgia asked them questions about their state. They also did a share and compare session. All the students in Mrs. Yolli’s class had tons of responses from the Skype call. Each student had learned something new. Mrs. Yollis and her class got a chance to go to Hawaii again! They Skyped wit hrs. Conley's class from the fiftieth state, Hawaii! The students dressed in Hawaiian attire for the call. Each class shared facts about California and Hawaii.

On the right side of the blog are tons of links to look and click on for more information. Some of the links give information such as:

Ms. Yollis’ class blog has over 214,000 total visitors.
They have over 72,000 visitors on the cluster map.
Over 52,000 were from the U.S. and they had the least amount of visitors from Singapore and Malaysia.

They won 1st runner up for best class blog for the 2009 and 2010 EDUBLOG Awards. They won the lifetime achievement award for the 2010 EDU blog Awards. They also have a joke for the day widget!

The class also posted a video saying happy birthday to blogging buddy from Australia!

Ms. Yollis’ class blog is amazing! I think more classrooms should have a class blog. I think parents would jump on the idea much faster if they could see the success in Ms.Yollis’s blog and the advantages of having one. I can’t wait to create my own class blog. Thanks so much Ms. Yollis!!

Blog Post #12

Blog Post #12

1. Watch this video: Technology and the Terrified Teachers. Your will obviously notice how much technology has changed from decades ago till now in the video. In two to three paragraphs I want you to discuss the reasons some teachers are afraid of using technology. In this video, what benefits do you see from having technology in the classrooms? I also want you to talk about ways you will start incorporating technology in your own classroom. What are some effective ways to start? What tools will you use to help guide you into teaching more consistently with technology? Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

2. Send Dr. Strange a Tweet suggesting that he watch this YouTube video. Mark it #edm310 so I will see your Tweet.
Don't be a teacher left behind with out technology knowledge

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog post #11

First off, I thought the youtube video Little Kids...Big Potential was amazing! I’ve never seen so many kids that enjoy technology as much as this classroom did!

I enjoyed watching the Skype interview very much. One of the responses from Mrs. Cassidy that stood out the most was about protecting the students’ identity. I think it’s very smart to only use last names on the blogs and to not post pictures of specific kids to the blog as well. I know that would have been a major concern for me when I have my own classroom but I think that approach to safe blogging would be very much liked and appreciated by most, if not all parents. I think blogging will be a major part of learning in my classroom. Mrs. Cassidy said that blogging is a major advantage because the kids have an audience all around the world. I love that they have a cluster map for the kids to see where people are from that comment on their blog. That is a great tool! I think that many parents would like the use of blogs for their kids learning so that they can keep up with what is going on in the classroom more.
Happy blogging

I liked Mrs. Cassidy’s response in how to start using technology. She said to start with what you are most interested in. I think that is very true, but I think I would start using technology in my classroom based off of what my students have a lot of interest in as well. I know many students absolutely love Facebook. For middle and high-school I think the idea of having a separate Facebook account for school is awesome! I think that will make students interact and be more excited about school if Facebook or any other PLN is a part of their learning style.

I enjoyed watching the interview very much and I truly learned a lot from listening to Mrs. Cassidy's view on technology in the classroom!

C4K October Summaries

My first C4K for this month was to Sienna. We were able to look at the kids avatar characters and we told them an interesting fact about the U.S. I told Sienna that the U.S. eats 90 acres of pizza a day.

My next C4K post was to Hunter. He wrote a post about lightening bugs. He explained in his post why lightening bugs light up. He told us that lightening bugs light up because they are in search of a mate. His post was very informative and I thought he did a great job.

My second C4K for this week was to Landon. Landon wrote an informative and somewhat gross post about earwax. He talked about the many things that earwax helps with in our body. I had no idea that earwax helped protect our skin from bacteria, fungi, and insects! Landon did a great job as well.

My third C4K for this month was to Mr. C’s class. I got to watch a video and see some artwork done by the students. I commented on the video by saying that everyone did a great job. I told them how important it is to express their creativity! There were definitely some aspiring artists in Mr. C’s class.

My last C4K was to Lorenzo. Lorenzo did an Australian animation using Hyperstudio. His video was about facts of Australia and had kangaroos and birds moving. I told him I had never tried Hyperstudio before and it seemed like a pretty cool video tool! Lorenzo did a great job and told some very interesting facts about Australia!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post #10

Do You Teach or Do Your Educate?
I decided to become an elementary education major because I know I work well with kids and I am more than confident I can be a great educator. I questioned if I should be a teacher or not two years ago because I was concerned about the low salary. I know now that is the profession I want to be in. I know I will enjoy my job because I love kids and I would rather make less money enjoying my profession than make more money and be miserable. I have had many teachers make an impact on my life and to me that’s worth more than a ton of money.
This video was ridiculously dramatic in the music but it got the point across. There are many teachers in the country that only teach and don’t educate. That is what we are trying to steer away from. I know I want to be a teacher and I want to be able to educate students. I want to go the extra mile. I want to be the teacher that students feel comfortable to ask any question what so ever, who will inspire them, and whom they feel comfortable around. I not only want to teach students their core subjects, but as well confidence, belief in themselves, and to not be afraid to ask questions.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home
I thought the blog post on pencils very humorous and it also sends a great message. As teachers, we should focus on finding a solution rather that meditating on a problem. This gets us nowhere! We can only guide them as much as possible and hope that they use the tools we give them in the most beneficial way. Kids are constantly learning and, believe it or not, kids can teach themselves a thing or two! We cannot go home with the students and make sure they don't visit any non-educational websites and we can't keep them from such a useful tool such as a pencil just because of our fears!
I also agreed with the message it had on standardized testing. So many teachers are worried about test scores rather than the actual learning of a child. In today's school system that is easy to do. Many teachers' jobs depend on their ability to make sure the students learn the test. By only teaching the test teachers may not actually educate their class and the class as a whole may suffer and miss out on many lessons that they need to carry on to the next grade level. This is a sad but realistic system. This makes educators jobs a little harder. We must focus on the child and not the test. I know I will remember this lesson and keep it in mind when I have a classroom of my own.
Mulitple Pencils

C4T #3

C4T #3

These past two weeks I had the chance to read 2 posts by Mr. Kemp at: UNFILTERED AND UNFINISHED

Oct. 23
Mr Kemp’s first post I commented on was about needing a learning revolution in the schools, at home, and in the workplace. He states that all of the advances made over the decade have been restricted and need to be used and shared. I commented back telling him I was a student in EDM310 and I shared my views on his post. I agreed with his post and told him about Richard Miller’s Video This Is How We Dream, Parts 1 and 2 only because it is related to Mr. Kemp’s post. I posted how Mr. Miller’s video talked about how we could be some of the first educators in the process of that fundamental change in human communication and we should want to be apart of that. A fundamental change in human communication could lead to a learning revolution.
Learning Revolution
Oct. 30
The 2nd post by Mr. Kemp that I commented on was very brief. He stated a quote via twitter by Simon Sinek saying, “The more you talk about what you believe, the more everyone will know what you believe.” Mr. Kemp also states in his post that we have to step outside of our comfort zones to better ourselves. I commented back by agreeing with his post and stating that information is largely spread by word of mouth and if we share our beliefs to others then more and more people will hear.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog post #9

What I’ve learned this year 08-09
Mr. McClung started off by noting that in your classroom, it’s not 100% about delivering the content, it’s about checking for student comprehension. I think that is very true. Although teachers should be able to deliver the material well, the students have to be able to understand what they are being taught. He also talks about being flexible because your lessons will not always go as planned. I feel that with lesson plans there is room for adjustment for the lessons because it may take longer for your class to comprehend one topic longer than another. Mr. McClung next talks about communication and how important it is within the work place. Teachers should always communicate with other teachers and staff for help, questions, and teaching advice. Communication is the best way to have a better work environment. One of the most important points he makes is to not be afraid of technology. I have truly conquered that fear while in EDM310. I know that technology can be overwhelming, but I’ve learned that I’m a lot more knowledgeable of computers than I give myself credit for. Another point Mr. McClung makes is listen to your students. I feel that the more you know your class the better the learning experience will be for both the student and teacher. The last thing he talks about is that teachers should never stop learning. As a student I learn something new every day and it makes me a better person. As a future educator I know that I am going to learn so much from my students as they will from me. Allowing ourselves to learn only makes us more mature and intelligent.
Teacher teaching
What I learned this year 10-11
The first point Mr. McClung makes is to remember the reason we are in this profession. As teachers we are here for the students, not to please the other staff in our school. The next thing he talks about is change. Although some teachers may not jump on the new ideas for teaching methods, it shouldn’t influence your way of teaching. I know that when I start teaching I will always be open to change. There is always going to be something that changes within our lives, instead of fight it, why not go with it and see how much more you can improve your teaching methods. We may surprise ourselves. One very important thing Mr. McClung states is that he is happy with the teacher he has become. He accepts the fact that he may sometimes be an outsider compared to the other staff, but that only shows him that his focus is on the student. He also states that it is very important to resist the urge to take control of how a student learns. If a student has a harder time grasping a topic, teachers should put more effort into making sure they master the topic. If teachers just do the work for the students then they haven’t learned any thing and will continue to get further behind causing the teacher and student to have to work even harder. Lastly Mr. McClung states that teachers shouldn’t get too comfortable. Although routines do help in certain aspects, it’s sometimes better to change things up and have more variety within the classroom.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog post #8

This is How We Dream/Teach: The first video I watched began by talking about the traditional way of learning. It showed a library and books. It spoke of publishing paper copies and other traditional things. Then Richard Miller speaks of a new way for learning: Multimedia. One great part of this multimedia is that it is never checked out and can therefore be shared always.
He calls it "Sharing knowledge infinitely". Now not only can we learn by sight, but we can learn by many other senses as well. Print, sound and visual learning can all be combined into only one document. The speaker gives a great quote when speaking on becoming a multimedia teacher. "This is the idea to push forward our learning. Why wouldn't we be on the front line for that?" What a great point! I feel that I am on the fast track to being able to teach multimedia. Then my students will also be able to use multimedia to its fullest.

I very much enjoyed Cary’s blog post. She showed great amounts of creativity by suggesting a You-tube playlist as the assignment. She states in her post that “good teachers teach by example.” This statement is much related to Richard Miller’s ideas in his video How we dream, parts 1& 2. I think the idea of doing videos for an assignment is fantastic. My mom loved how one of our assignments was a book trailer and she is going to try to start making them for her class. She even said that her kids pay so much more attention to anything that deals with a computer. Videos would be a great assignment for students.

I enjoyed the Chipper series and I thought that the EDM310 for dummies video was absolutely hilarious, but I definitely felt like I could relate. This semester in EDM310 hasn’t been easy by any means. I totally wish this book would get published because I would have definitely read it before taking this class. If I could create a video it would be called Freshman 15 for Dummies. I would talk about my experiences and how I gained my freshman 15lbs. Admit it, we all have probably put on a few pounds since the beginning of high school. I would also talk about ways to prevent gaining the freshman 15 and how to stay at a healthy weight.
Dummies man
Learning to Change: One of the first arguments made was that children enjoy their time more outside of school because then they can access technology resources. If we want children to enjoy school then technology needs to be incorporated. I know that classrooms in Mobile County have smart boards and computers, so the availability of technology is definitely there. I also agree with the point made that technology isn’t a choice. This is the way people learn today and it has to be introduced and used in the classroom.

Project #12

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7

Before beginning this lecture I was very nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep my attention on the video long enough. I first noticed how many views this video had and then knew that it wasn’t going to be a boring video by any means. This video had almost 14 million views, now that’s impressive.

In Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture Achieving Your Childhood Dreams he first starts out by saying you can’t change the cards you are dealt. He begins the lecture very up beat and happy. Pausch announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer and he only had a short time to live. He made it clear in the very beginning of the video that he wasn’t going to let his situation discourage him and just wanted to really teach people how to live their lives to the fullest. He knew he couldn’t change his situation, he decided he would deal with it, make the best of it, and learn to make in impact in the short time he had.
Dream written on the beach

Pausch begins the lecture as if he really wanted to make an impact on peoples lives. One of his first dreams he talks about was playing for the NFL. Although he didn’t fulfill that dream he says he got more out of that dream in not accomplishing it than he got out of any other dream. He said what he got out of trying to achieve that dream was more valuable. That is a very important statement to me. Although you can’t achieve your dream, you can still learn and achieve so much more even if you just try.

Although some of his dreams were very silly like winning stuffed animals, he was still very proud of that dream and enjoyed sharing all of his stuffed animal experiences with the audience. Pausch also states in the video the meaning of brick walls and that they are there for a reason. He wanted to become an Imaginer for Disney and was immediately turned down. That was his first brick wall he had faced with his dreams, but he didn’t get discouraged. He stated that these brick walls let us prove how badly we want things. I agree with Randy Pausch on that, if we are once turned down for anything it makes us strive even harder to get what we wanted. Although Mr. Pausch was turned down at first, he finally was able negotiate a contract with John Snotty and got to work on the Aladdin project. Just like Mr. Pausch said, “Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you.” He never gave up on that dream and finally was able to fulfill it.

Mr. Pausch next talks about wanting to enable the dreams of others. Pausch began a course named Building Virtual Worlds. He was blown away by the 1st assignment given to his students. He stated he could have easily given all of his students As in the very beginning of the class, instead he told them that they could do better so that he could see what else they would bring to the table. After each assignment they continued to impress him just by his encouragement to do a better job.

Randy Pausch's last lecture was incredibly inspirational. He wanted his students as well as his two young children to live out their dreams just how he was able to. I feel that his last lecture will be one that will be remembered for years to come. I never thought that I would watch a You-tube video that I really felt like it was well worth sharing with someone till Mr. Pausch’s Last Lecture.

PLN Project #10

For my PLN I used Symbaloo. Right now it is a work in progress. At first I thought developing a PLN was going to be very difficult, but Symbaloo was very easy to use and navigate. I currently have 38 tiles. When organizing my PLN I put all of my useful resources and website tiles for EDM310 along with other important South Alabama tiles at the top. I also added a tile forMobile County Public School System to keep up with recent news. At the bottom of my PLN are the various tiles for websites I like to visit and shop at in my spare time. I think having a PLN is great especially since everything you need to access can be found in one place. This is a great way to eliminate having multiple windows or tabs open at one time! I am still working on my PLN and will continue working on it for a long time. I hope at some point to create a perfect PLN for all my educational needs. Here is my current PLN:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

C4T Summaries

For my C4T I was to read and comment on Mr. Steve Miranda’s Blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading many of his posts and have challenged my opinion on a few issues we face within our schools. The first post I read was, “The high school transcript is the most nefarious force in education that no one is talking about.” In this post he briefly states a few scenarios of students and the grades they will receive for their class. One student he talks about doesn’t get the best grade due to not turning in assignments on time, but is one of the finest writers he has had in his class. Mr. Miranda states that the high school transcript is unbelievably powerful and it shapes how students spend their high school years and beyond. If transcripts could show more than just grades then more students would succeed in higher education. I agree with Mr. Miranda. Transcripts should show how students excelled in other aspects of high school, not just their GPA and course grades. There would be more opportunities for non-straight A students that have just as much a chance of success in college.

Billboard success sign

The next post I commented on was, “Certifying 14-year old poets.” Mr. Miranda thinks that numerical grades should be eliminated and that the grading system turns education into places of certification. He believes that students should focus more on course material and content instead of striving for the highest grade. He also poses the question, “Should a 14-year-old who is forced to take a required class in poetry be subjected to a process of certification?” In my opinion poetry inspires students to think more, write more, imagine more, and be more creative. I don’t think poetry is something to be graded because it’s a form of art. Teachers should look to see if students have mastered the concept of poetry rather than writing the best poem. I agree with Mr. Miranda completely that students focus more on the grade they will receive rather than comprehending the course material. I don’t know if grades should be eliminated completely, but I do think that teachers should encourage students to strive to achieve something more ingenious than just earning an A in a class.

Monday, October 3, 2011

C4K September Summaries

The 1st child ‘s blog I commented on was Tule. She was very excited about her school’s soccer team for being the champions for New Zealand. I told her that was such an amazing accomplishment and that she should be so proud of her team! It’s great for kids to get involved in sports, it teaches them to work together.
Working together

My 2nd comment for kids was Brianna. She was in a video for her class. In the video each student said how he or she are similar and different. I told her it is great that she can relate to other students but still shine on her own by being different. I also shared with her how I am similar and different to others. I discovered that She and I are both creative.

The last kid’s blog I got to look at was Simone. Simone talked about her avatar. Each student had to make an avatar character for his or her blog. Instead Simone made her avatar a picture of her cat Bille. She also told a story of how Billie came to live with her. I told her about my cat Lilly and a silly story of how I got her as a child.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog post #6

Education in the future

The Networked Student

I thought this video was very interesting. In this short video we were given a sight into what 21st century teachers should know. Until this semester I had very little knowledge of a lot of the resources the student used in this video. Some of the resources mentioned were Skype, Delicious, Google Scholar, and iTunesU. I just learned about iTunesU for the first time last week since it was my podcast topic.

If we all could learn how to properly use all of these resources then we would be prepared to teach students how to be productive in a 21st century classroom. I think that the teacher still plays a very important roll in the 21st century student’s life. I liked how the teacher got excited when the student finds good or new content. I'm very nervous about being a 21st century teacher in the future but I'm willing to do all that I cant to be prepared.

The PLN was amazing! I can’t believe that a 7th grader put that together with the assistance of Wendy Drexler. How impressive! She did a very good job explaining how to use and access information for her PLE. She makes is seem very easy to use!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Post 5

iSchool Initiative

Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

In Mr. McLeod’s post, Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? He talks about kids having a leg up by knowing how to use technology in the classrooms. I definitely agree. I had no idea of the many ways technology can be useful in the classroom till I started Dr. Strange’s class. I do see how kids being so involved with technology can be scary too. There are many terrible things out on the Internet, but it’s our job as future educators to make sure we are only teaching kids the useful ways of the Internet and technology. Dr. Scott McLeod is from Ames, Iowa and is an associate Professor in the Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He has received many national awards for his work in technology leadership.

The iSchool Initiative

In this video by Travis Allen, he is trying to encourage global learning. He wants to revolutionize America by using the iSchool Initiative. I think he did a fantastic job in his video. Mr. Allen talks about the many applications available on the itouch that would be beneficial to teaching in the classrooms. He didn’t leave out a single aspect or anything that teachers and students couldn’t access on the itouch. He talked about email, recorders, calculators, starwalk and many more. It would be very beneficial for students as well as teachers. Everything needed for class would be in the palm of your hand. The iSchool Initiative would also save tons of money. I would cut back on books, school supplies, classroom tools, ink cartridges and a lot of other tools. The iSchool Initiative is another great way for our world to go green. This iSchool Initiative is a great idea, but I would be very overwhelmed to all of a sudden rely only on an itouch for all of my classes. If schools slowly worked into this year-by-year I think I would be absolutely terrific. I think Mr. Allen is a very intelligent student and his ideas would be most beneficial for education in our country.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

I was so impressed by this video. It basically shows that anything is possible. There are truly some very intelligent people in this world, I don’t think I would have thought or ever been able to create this in a million years. This is another video that shows the amazing use of technology even with people across the country.

Teaching in the 21st Century

In this video by Kevin Roberts, he thinks that teaching in the 21st century is using technology to learn. Roberts sees teaching as providing student with the skills to use the Internet for learning. The Internet is a great source for all things but students need teachers to direct them for educational learning through the Internet and technology. Technology is all around us and in our lives every day. There is no way to avoid it, as future educators we need to embrace it. I am still learning so many things that technology has to offer and I can’t wait to use it in my classroom in the futu

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better.

In this article by Valene, she talks about the many ways to use an iPod other than listening to music. There are tons of other uses for an iPod and a lot of them are educational. First off iPods have many tutorials on their programs to help you understand and learn skills on the iPod better. There are many applications, software, and continuing education tools on an iPod. For educational purposes there are many programs to upload study guides, listen to audio books, learning support, and classroom help. There are many applications that can help with writing, converting DVDs, keeping up with notes, and much more. This article does a great job in showing how iPods can be educational as well are recreational.

The Education Podcasting Network

The Education Podcasting Network is a website to explore ideas of 21st century teaching. This site suggests the idea of podcasting to improve teaching methods. It helps explain to you what a podcast is and the benefits of it as well. It also explains how to upload a podcast on the site and how to search for one. The Educational Podcasting Network offers from 3 to over 150 podcasts for all subjects. The website also breaks down podcasts in different grade school levels. I think the more teachers use this site the more popular podcasting within education will be.


On the website Langwiches, there are many posts that encourage 21st century learning like The Education Podcasting Network. Although, this site doesn’t focus on just podcasting, it shows videos and articles on twitter, Skype, blogging, and audio books. Langwiches also shows many educational apps available on iPads for kids. For example, there is a Book Creator App. I think this is a great app for kids to use; it encourages them to be creative and come up with their own stories. After creating your story you can share it with other friends, family, and classmates. I think that this app will help with encouraging reading among the younger age groups. Many kids these days don’t like to read as much but, if they can use an iPad or any other technology device I think that will definitely spark their interest.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

Kids playing with ipads

It’s Not About the Technology

In Ms. Hines post, It's Not About the Technology, she talks about what needs to be changed within our classrooms. Although technology is great to have, there are other things that need to be focused on improving. She first mentions that teachers must be learners. Teachers must up to date on current education issues and be self-motivated. Ms. Hines also makes the point that teaching and learning is not the same thing. You can teach a child how to do something, but did they actually learn it?
The next major thing she focuses on is teaching with technology. If school systems are spending money on putting innovative tools in the classrooms then teachers need to be able to use them properly. Many of these innovative tools are currently useless in classrooms because teachers don’t use them. It’s very important to make use of these tools like Ms. Hines said or it’s a huge waste of money.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

Mr. Fisch spoke about teachers being technologically literate. I agree with him completely. Being technologically literate is a trend right now and teachers need to be up to date with trends that deal with education. He talks about technology being part of every day life. Mr. Fisch also complains on his post about having teachers willing to take the time to be technologically literate, which is definitely a problem if teachers aren’t willing to learn.
Mr. Fisch also gives a list of his criterion and/or standards for teachers. He basically says that all staff members in school systems should find employment elsewhere if they aren’t technologically literate or have the desire to become technologically literate. He also mentions many times that if teachers aren’t willing to become technologically literate than that’s equivalent to a teacher thirty years ago who didn’t know how to read and write.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

The social media count shows for a fact how much technology is increasing. As a pre-service teacher we should be up to date with all of these technology uses listed on the social media count. Many of these things can be very helpful in the classroom and some are great ways for means of communication. So many teachers don’t take advantage of the many uses listed here that could help in the classroom. We use many of these in EDM310 and they are all very helpful and help limit time spend in the classroom.

The Vision of Students Today

In this Video Michael Wesch basically points out the problems for students in college today. He makes some very good points. One that stood out to me was the fact that many students are required to do so many things in their classes that will not benefit them in their degree. Why waste time doing something irrelevant that’s not going to help with your success? Students have so much on their plate and being a full time student is like having a full time job.
We shouldn’t have to pay for textbooks that aren’t going to teach us anything. I enjoyed this video very much. I feel as if many students can relate to a lot that is pointed out in this video. If we bring technology into colleges more than learning might be a lot more interesting and entertaining.

Project #5- Google Presentation

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

C4T Summaries

diverse children
Summary for Mr. Tarte's posts

In Mr. Justin Tarte’s blog post, Seeing eye to eye , he spoke strongly about how important it is to have positive educational discussions with other teachers and administration within your school. Mr. Tarte admitted that he and another staff member did not agree on certain topics, but were both able to focus on what is best for their students. He says that having conversations with other teachers helps each other grow and improve. In Mr. Tarte's post, We all have voices , he video interviewed several faculty and students at PBJHS. He wanted to find out what they were excited for this school year. There were multiple teachers excited about new faculty, more technology in the classrooms, and some teachers who were just excited to be back. About half of the students interviewed said that they enjoyed their physical education class and/or sports the most.

Summary for my responses

When responding to Mr. Tarte’s post, Seeing eye to eye, I agreed that it is important for teachers and administration to be able to have conversations that focus on the students. I mentioned that my mom is a teacher for MCPSS and that her grade level meets every week to discuss classroom objectives. I think it’s great for teachers to meet and have educational discussions. What better educational advice could you get other than from a teacher or administrative staff? In Mr. Tarte’s video interview post, I mentioned how great it was to see the students just as excited as the faculty for the new school year. If the faculty and teachers stay enthusiastic about school then it should keep students positive and enthusiastic as well. I also mentioned that I was surprised that none of the students were excited about being able to wear their choice of clothing to school. I was required to wear a uniform in all of my previous schools. I think it’s great to let them dress how they want and it’s another way to encourage creativity.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post 2


Video 1
Did You Know 3.0
In the video Did You Know 3.0, the authors Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod compare the U.S. to China and India in many ways that kind of look down on the U.S. It says that 25% of India’s population has the highest IQ’s compared to the total U.S. population. That’s also because India as well as China’s population is much larger that the U.S. It’s not a fair comparison.
The video Did You Know 3.0 was very factual. It’s somewhat scary to know how much technology is changing and how fast, but it’s also very impressive so see how much we are progressing. By seeing how fast technology is growing creates a kind of fear that some day computers are going to be more intelligent than the humans creating them. The video is basically showing us how technology unknowingly is preparing humans for the future.
I think it is great that technology is growing so rapidly. Faster growing technology could help improve many other aspects of our lives. But it also scares me to think how much smarter a computer will be in the future compared to a human. We do know that a computer could never understand the meaning of “self” or “who am I and what is my purpose.”

Video 2
Mr Winkle Wakes
In this video by Mathew Needleman, Mr. Winkle is a cartoon from one hundred years ago. He wakes up from a long slumber to find the world a completely different place from what he had remembered. Everything has changed or advanced to a more improved world but Mr. Winkle doesn’t think so. He is overwhelmed by all of the development.
Mr. Winkle notices changes in offices and hospitals. He sees that computers are the basis of how things operate. He sees that people are able to communicate in different ways than before. When Mr. Winkle visits the hospital he is overwhelmed that humans are being kept alive and breathing by machines. His last visit was to a school. He was more comfortable in the school because it seemed more familiar. There didn’t seem to be much change in the classrooms.
Not having more technology development in the classrooms could hurt students. Schools need to be funded for technology purposes so that students can learn more and be better prepared for the future.

Video 3
The Importance of Creativity
In the video The Importance of Creativity, Sir Ken Robinson speaks about three themes. The first theme he speaks about is the evidence of creativity. Creativity should be just as important as literacy. Being creative is much easier for children because they aren’t afraid to be wrong. If humans weren’t prepared to be wrong then no one would come up with anything unique or original. Adults lose the capacity to be creative because of the fear of being wrong. I totally agree with that, if humans were more creative then there would be more variety in the world.
The second thing he talks about is creativity in the future. All around the world the main focus is mathematics and language, then humanities, and lastly arts. Arts should be more focused on. We educate from the waist up to the brain to the point where humans only communicate with the brain and nothing else. In the world right now a bachelor’s degree isn’t worth anything because of a larger population and more vast knowledge. Now if you want a job you will have to obtain a masters degree or get a PhD.
The last thing he talks about is the capacity of children. Children are intelligent in many different ways. Educators need to rethink how we educate our children and show children how to use their gift of imagination with creativity. Intelligence is distinct. Creativity creates original ideas that have value. We need to see children for the hope they are and let them be creative because they are our future.

Video 4
Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson
I learned in this interview that to make sure children have a good education you have to provide your classroom with a balanced curriculum. Teachers should focus on all subjects, not just mathematics and sciences. Teachers should make better use of technology and help with the understanding of it as well. We should encourage students to explore creativity and not be afraid.

Video 5
Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
In the video Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts, Vicki Davis shows us how she incorporates technology in her classroom. Vicki Davis teaches a class that shows students a whole new perspective on technology. She focuses on each and every kind of technology all day every day.
Her students learn technology terms everyday and she encourages them to look them up online rather than explaining them. She wants her students to search, think, and understand on their own. She teaches her students how to be more educated in technology and want them to gain experience. One form of teaching method she uses is blogging. Vicki Davis talks about how she learns from her students and how you don’t have to know everything before you teach it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

Blog Assignment 1
Relay for Life
            Hi, I’m Courtney Holifield. I’m from Mobile, Alabama and have lived here since I was born. I decided to attend the University of South Alabama right before my high school graduation because it ‘s close to home and I prefer to be near my family. I have a very large family consisting of three sisters and four brothers.  Three of them are teachers including my mom. I never thought I would end up entering the education field until after hearing how much my family enjoys teaching.
hanging            When I’m not in class I’m usually working at my part time job or at my sorority house. I work at West Mobile Baptist Child Development Center. I have worked with children from six months to 5 years old for a little over two years. I spend a lot of time being involved in my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. I went through sorority recruitment my freshman year and have met some great people because of it. I love children and I’m very excited about getting into my education classes. I can’t wait to actually be a teacher in a couple of years.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
            In this video I learned that when setting goals you have to ask yourself why am I doing this? You have to focus on doing the right thing adequately rather than doing things right. I learned that you couldn’t fake experience. Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes with time. When you make plans you have to plan at multiple levels and accept that plans can change. Randy Pausch tells us when making a to-do list you have to break it down into small steps and do the hardest first. I have found that to be very true from past experience. If I do my hardest task on my to-do list first and work my way down to the easiest it is much easier to successfully complete my to-do list.

Penn State Time Management 
            One of the most helpful tips I learned from this page is using a planner. I have used a planner every year of college and it definitely helps, but I haven’t used it the right way. It’s great for helping me stay organized with my social life, but I put more social events in my planner than I do school homework and class information. I need to be more specific about what I put in my planner and understand that plans can change. I need to make sure I focus more on school. I haven’t been very conscious of my time wasters and I’ve learned that I should make sure I get my tasks done before I watch television or play on the computer if I want to be more successful in my classes.